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The {Benjamin Franklin} Society Library is a 501(c)3 library with a mission to archive society's ideas, ideologies, and world-views for educational purposes and to make this archive practically accessible for the betterment of society through the development of tools and programs such as The Internet Government, The Great American Debate and AI Politician. A non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental program, we are activating The Internet Government to reinvent (without replacing) the legislative process. Utilizing various technological and research methods, we are gathering information and arguments from every corner of the web to be analyzed, sorted, and mapped for presentation. Through a carefully engineered bicameral process, we are ensuring that this system is resilient and resistant to corruption, collusion, misinformation and the tyranny of majority rule. We believe that it is imperative to apply this work to the most politically divisive and impactful topics of our time. This year we are tackling the topic of Climate Change….Is it anthropogenic? Is it even occurring? (Believe it or not, there is still an active debate on this topic!) Most importantly, what legislation should be proposed to address the issues deemed by virtue of their arguments and evidence to be valid? We will showcase the results of this comprehensive data analysis in a debate format, live streamed and with accompanying live watch parties across the country called The Great American Debate.


Climate Science Research and Analyst Intern

June 2019 - September 2019 Orlando, FL
“The flexibility of scheduling was one of the reasons why I wanted this internship. My supervisors were very understanding of when my work hours were, because it was an online internship. As long as my team members and I had weekly updates and kept track of our hours, the hours we worked were up to us! I am also very proud to say that I honestly learned so much with this internship. As environmental studies students, we're always reminded to remember the other side of the conversation but we never truly delve into the arguments made by the other side and how the logic behind them are skewed slightly to make them believable for the audiences that they're targeted towards. I really appreciate being able to break down arguments from both sides of the political spectrum to better understand the climate debate. ”

Climate Science Research Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Orlando, FL
“My supervisors, Jamie and Sharon, were awesome! They both have wonderful attitudes, open minds, and a willingness to help. My internship experience helped me expand the way that I think about issues surrounding Climate Change. I realized that when I state my position on climate change, or really any politically charged topic, I haven't fully evaluated where I got that information or the credibility of the source. ”
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