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About The Resource Group

The Resource Group operates the second largest and most efficient resource and supply management organization in healthcare delivery by focusing on effective change management and the caregiver experience. Our User-Directed Integrated Solutions deliver industry-leading savings, operational efficiencies, and caregiver satisfaction to healthcare providers through innovative approaches to change management, operations and logistics, sourcing and contracting, analytics, and continuous process improvement, all to support the efficient and effective delivery of care to patients. Although The Resource Group specializes in operations and logistics optimization, strategic sourcing, and change management. At its heart, it is focused on hospitality and caregiver satisfaction. We are rooted in the ideals of hospitality and the belief that success is measured by the satisfaction of the customer.

Our Opportunities:
1. 12-week Summer Internship
2. Entry-level Full Time Opportunities

Why join The Resource Group?
1. Grow your network of student and professional peers
2. Experience a 12-week "shopping experience" for potential full time opportunities
3. Gain applicable professional experience
4. Achieve personal and career growth while earning a competitive hourly wage


Analyst Intern

June 2016 - August 2016 Milwaukee, WI
“I completed my internship with The Resource Group during the summer of 2016. Right before graduation in December 2016 I received a full time offer and have been with The Resource Group for almost 3 years at this point. During my internship I enjoyed the ability to work on projects at the local health ministry and with the other interns at other locations virtually. I was also able to analyze spend, propose and implement a conversion from one supplier for another yielding in around $30k of spend. I benefited greatly from internship which I now view as a 10 week interview and on boarding session that allowed me to hit the ground running when coming on as a full time associate. ”

Analyst Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Austin, TX
“The analytics internship experience with The Resource Group was one of the best preparation for having a full-time position. During the internship, I had the ability to customize projects to my own interest. This is what initially attracted me to this internship opportunity as opposed to the others. My background and interest lies in the clinical side of healthcare, and I was not ready to fully give it up. This internship made it extremely easy for me to work on various projects with Seton Hospital clinicians to optimize inventory, shadow processes related to vendor management and works towards reducing the overall cost of healthcare, while improving outcomes. I had the opportunity to collaborate with interns nationally to come up with 3 best practices in the area of public health. Additionally, my co-workers and intern manager were beyond helpful in exposing me to different executives and even work on some projects with them!”
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