The Pond Guy

Production Assistant

May - July 2021 • Armada, MI

What I liked

I enjoyed the responsibility and the freedom of the workspace. All of my coworkers were great, but none of them crowded each other too much. We could get our work done efficiently, and it was very satisfying.

What I wish was different

If I had to change something, I would change our focus on optimal efficiency because in our pursuit of it, we created other inefficiencies. For instance, because they only wanted employees clocking in and out at round times (2:15, 2:30, etc.) for ease of payroll, it led to sometimes as many as a dozen workers just waiting in a line to punch out at a round number for 5 or so minutes. This and other similar things felt like they wasted far more time than they saved.


As long as you want to work hard, and are willing to work long hours, this is a great work opportunity.
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