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About The Optimus Consultant Group

It is our belief that through great people, all things are possible. As a People Empowerment Organization™, we believe deeply in expanding opportunity for all.

We are built by sourcing passionate people who share our beliefs and dedication to seeing what happens when you start a business with love instead of strictly the bottom line. As a result, we have achieved both joy and success building some of the most elite sales, marketing and real estate teams & organizations in the country.

Through an uncompromising combination of systems, mentality development, skills training, Somatic Marketing™, events, wellness and community, we develop and achieve clients’ vision, brand, earnings and legacy.

Ultimately, as the Dalai Lama said “Be the change you want to see in the world;” it’s through our Angel Accelerator & volunteer initiatives that we use our experience and insights to scale the people, ideas and organizations we believe make the world a better place for us all.

Our most popular and acclaimed offerings are our real estate agent development & licensing programs; PATHWAY is our expert-packed, live, interactive in-person & online development program that gives licensed and pre-licensed agents everything they need to go from $0 - $100k in residential real estate. This first and only-of-its-kind agent training mentorship where we pair agents with top industry teams, mentors, vendors and a community of top experts to guide them to income and fulfillment through residential real estate.


Marketing Intern

September 2022 San Diego, CA
“Great people to work with, great atmosphere, everyone ready and prepared to work and learn. I learned so much interning here, not just marketing wise but as individual as well. Many skills gained the time I have been here.”
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