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What were your overall impressions working as a digital marketing intern at The Nature Conservancy?

The Nature Conservancy is a large nonprofit with millennials taking on many respected roles within the company. As an intern you will be assigned tasks, but there is room to be creative in how you complete them. Managers want Interns to use their creativity and value anyone willing to provide new...
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What type of culture should I expect working at The Nature Conservancy?

The Nature Conservancy's company culture is passionate and progressive. Everyone has a reason for working there and is motivated by the work they are doing. The employees have a progressive mindset and will implement new ideas/technology as they see fit.
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What should I know before my interview for the L.E.A.F. intern position at The Nature Conservancy?

Although you do need to be able to work collaboratively with a group interns should also be able to work independently. As a intern we had to reach out to different business owners and community members in the area we were working in to fundraise. There were also a number of other tasks that we h...
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What was it like working as a Wrangler with The Nature Conservancy?

The day usually started at 7am, where we met at the corrals to tack up the horses for guests, then we’d load up horses and meet the guests at the lodge for their rides. From there we’d take guests to the sand dunes, our bison herd, or our cattle herd and ride with them for 6 hours, return and unt...
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What is it like daily as a Conservation Coordinator at The Nature Conservancy?

It depends on your project, most projects include community engagement and outreach and scientific components with conservation goals. There were days when I went from teaching primary school students to speaking with the Prime Minister of the Bahamas with a SCUBA dive in between, but most days a...
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If you worked as a conservationist technician with The Nature Conservancy, can you talk about your experience and what a regular day looks like?

The days varied depending on the project that we were working on at the time. For the first project, which was determining habitat sutability for the Endangered Species The Dakota Skipper Butterfly, we were doing frame transepts. A typical day would be getting up at 5:30am eating breakfast and pa...
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What do the hours look like for someone working at The Nature Conservancy?

You work either five 8hr days or four ten hour days. You don’t work over 40 hours a week. You typically have a few hours in the evening to hang out with the crew members and typically hang out in the weekends together. I went tubing down a river two different weekends and explored some of the bla...
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