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We are a Massachusetts DCF Legal Defense Firm successfully representing families involved in false allegations since 1991. We represent parents, grandparents, guardians, Foster Parents, teachers, and employees involved with the Massachusetts DCF, EEC, DYS, and EOEA. The firm specializes in successfully defending clients against DCF allegations of child abuse and neglect. However, these matters cover a wide gambit of Massachusetts DCF invovlement: including false allegations of child abuse, DCF home visits, DCF interviews, DCF investigations, DCF assessments, DCF fair hearings, DA referrals, and SAIN interviews. If someone has been accused of false allegations, we fight for you.

He has represented over 1000 families in and out of court and has experience in litigation, negotiation and trial court. His prolific record in trials has earned him a distinguished reputation and was subsequently recognized by the New York times as a Distinguished Lawyer for his contributions to Law in 2018. Attorney Seaver is in the top 5% of Lawyers in Massachusetts. Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly describes Kevin Patrick Seaver as “a leading expert on trying cases involving the DCF.” He zealously protects and advocates for individuals including adults and children who are involved with the DCF.


Legal Intern

January 2022 - March 2022 Boston, MA
“I cannot say enough good things about Attorney Seaver and this internship in general. First of all, I have never worked for someone who worked as hard as Attorney Seaver. He works seven days per week and even gives his personal cell phone number to clients to call him at any hour of any day. His work ethic is infectious and made me eager to wake up in the morning and work alongside him and his other hard-working employees. Secondly, I learned so much which is the most important aspect of any internship. Attorney Seaver truly cared about how much I learned which is remarkably different from other internship supervisors who think too much about what they can get out of the working relationship. He asked me multiple times if I felt that I was learning a lot from him, to which I responded with a definite "yes." He was always looking for ways to improve and asked me on multiple occasions how he could do so. He made it clear that it did not matter to him that I was an intern and that I should feel comfortable expressing my opinions on legal matters to him, both because it would help me learn and also help him consider other alternatives to legal questions. Finally, I feel confident in saying that I made a positive impact in the lives of so many clients. As an intern for Attorney Seaver, I can promise that you will not sit on the sidelines. You will actively work alongside Attorney Seaver in ensuring that Massachusetts DCF is removed from the lives of so many hurting families as quickly as possible. Again, I cannot say enough good things about Attorney Seaver and this internship in general. You will learn a lot and feel like you are making a positive difference in the world. Highly recommend!”

Legal Intern

December 2020 - June 2021 Boston, MA
“I have had the privilege of working alongside Attorney Kevin Seaver since December 2020 and throughout the summer of 2021. Mr. Seaver is unlike any other attorney and person I have ever met. Not only is he a kind person, but he is a fighter for his clients. He puts his clients needs first, and he fights to the end. We made a first hand impact on families lives and helped so many people that were involved with the department of children and families. His work is inspiring. I would recommend Attorney Seaver for anyone who is involved with DCF. It truly is not a place to play around with, and Mr. Seaver can help you. He is the best of the best when it comes to DCF matters.”
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