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About The law office of David A. Telson Esq

We are a new law firm specializing in family law. We help people with matters regarding custody, domestic violence, issues relating to children and divorce. We help people with very serious problems and the effect and impact we have on their lives is tangible and very rewarding.


Legal Assistant

May 2021 New Brunswick, NJ
“This internship helped me be able to really understand the legal practice in a way that classes never could. Being thrown into it is the best way to learn and grow, and through this internship, I learned so much about the law and myself. Mr. Telson is always there when you need advice or help with work or with questions regarding law school, LSATs, etc. I truly believe I would never know half of the things I do now, about to go into law school next fall, without having Mr. Telson as a mentor. I have learned how to write motions, conduct intake meetings, communicate with the courts, sit in on hearings, professionally care for and support clients going through tough times, and so much more. There are so many life skills that I was able to learn throughout my time working for Mr. Telson, and I will forever be grateful for that knowledge.”

Legal Assistant

June 2021 - September 2021 New Brunswick, NJ
“Working as an intern at Mr. Telson's office was an enriching experience that gave me a first-hand look into how a successful law office operates. As an intern, I was able to hone on in on my legal writing skills, improve my overall communication skills, and observe everything from client intake to trial. Every day, I felt like I was training to become an attorney, something that not many rising seniors in the college experience. I am extremely thankful for all that he taught me because they were things that solidified my drive to apply to law school in hopes of becoming a lawyer one day! On a personal level, Mr. Telson is one of the most supportive individuals I have ever worked for! While at his office, I was dealing with family health issues that could have led me to quit early. When I communicated this to Mr. Telson, he worked with me daily to ensure that I could prioritize my personal matters while cutting back on my role as an intern. With his support, I could tend to my personal matters while still earning money and gaining the learning experience of a lifetime. I am forever thankful for that! Also, if you are interested in Law School, Mr. Telson can help with LSAT study material and advice! His material is excellent for test prep and one of many perks the office can provide! ”
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