The Joint School of Nanoscience & Nanoengineeering

About The Joint School of Nanoscience & Nanoengineeering

The Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering (JSNN) is an academic collaboration between North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (NC A&T) and The University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNC Greensboro). JSNN offers four degree programs: a Professional Science Master’s (PSM) in Nanoscience, a Ph.D. in Nanoscience, an M.S. in Nanoengineering, and a Ph.D. in Nanoengineering.

JSNN is much more than an academic unit. Our dynamic institution lives at the intersection of research and execution, the catalyst for breakthrough innovations that create high-impact academic, industry and government research outcomes. We offer rigorous academic programs, as well as cutting-edge facilities and equipment that can help you achieve your own breakthroughs.


IN_RELPS: Intel-NC A&T Partnership in Broadening Research and Experiential Learning Pathways in Semiconductors

June 2023 - July 2023 Greensboro, NC
“Eight week mentored internship in semiconductor-related research, in addition to boot camp and hands-on training in semiconductor design, fabrication technologies, and exposure to various electron microscopy techniques”
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