The Jewish Federations of North America

About The Jewish Federations of North America

The Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) brings together 146 Federations and 300 Network Communities to maximize our impact as the central address of North American Jewry. Collectively among the top 10 charities in the world, we secure and manage $16 billion in endowment assets. Each year, we raise over $900 million through the Annual Campaign and emergency campaigns, and distribute over $2 billion from our foundations and endowments.

In the fields of caregiving, aging, philanthropy, disability, foreign policy, homeland security and health care, we are thought leaders and advocates.

We lobby in Washington, DC to secure $10 billion in public funds that flow to Jewish communities. These funds support thousands of agencies serving people of all backgrounds, including hospitals, nursing homes, community centers, family and children’s service agencies, and vocational training programs.

We partner with the Government of Israel and a variety of agencies to secure the Jewish State; help the most vulnerable groups, including immigrants and Holocaust survivors; and strengthen and rebuild Jewish life throughout the world.

At a time when Jews are less economically and politically secure than we were a decade ago, JFNA leads a continental response, providing assistance and rapidly raising and distributing funds. We have provided immediate relief and long-term assistance to Jewish and non-Jewish victims of natural and manmade disasters around the globe, including Nepal, Ukraine, the Philippines, Haiti and Japan.

JFNA provides services that build the capacity of local Jewish communities. We help Federations learn from one another, build affinity groups, and provide training, collateral materials and seed funding for innovation.


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