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About The Icon

The Icon ( is a growing cloud based company that provides video game and tech news across multiple platforms. Currently our main focus is on video games news and technology. Our goal is to have an inclusive platform that promotes women and people of color in the industry and at home.

The Icon will utilize social media marketing (SMM) to not only deliver news to our audience but to start a conversation with them. Our articles and videos are the starting point for those conversations. Through SMM our audience can not only hear our voice but be given one themselves.


Video Game Journalist

June 2017 - August 2017 Chicago, IL
“I enjoyed writing at an organization that shared my enthusiasm and passion for both writing and pop culture. I get to work my own hours and appreciate the new material and subjects I had to write for my internship. I was able to utilize my previous writing experiences into my own articles, talking about subjects in video games that I was not familiar with. Lastly, my supervisor was kind to guide me through the basics of video game journalism and lent me advice for future job prospects. ”
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