The Gund Company

About The Gund Company

The Gund Company is a third generation Family business with 30% of the business Employee owned.

Our roots in the electrical industry run back five generations with the founding of Bussmann Manufacturing Company by Al Bussmann, Sr., the great-grandfather of our President, Stephen Gund.

The Gund Company was established in 1951 by Ed Gund, with Paul Gund joining in 1963. Al Bussmann Sr. had counseled young Paul Gund to study chemical engineering to understand the future of materials technology. The business started as a manufacturer’s representative organization. As Ed and Paul listened to the needs of customers requesting better service and faster delivery, The Gund Company moved into material distribution with a stocking facility closer to our Midwest customer base.

Over the years, The Gund Company has grown into one of the largest manufacturers and fabricators of thermoset composite materials. Customers usually begin doing business with us to gain access to our materials and electrical apparatus expertise. They stay with us for generations because of our quality, delivery reliability and constant cost reduction efforts. The Gund Company now has 8 locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico and China.

Although The Gund Company has experienced significant growth in recent years, the Gund family’s management philosophy of Satisfy the Customer! has not changed. We will satisfy our customers completely with a sense of urgency that will demonstrate our appreciation for our relationship.


Engineering Co-Op

July 2023 - August 2023 St. Louis, MO
“I liked that I was able to have everyday tasks that I would do to help but was also able to assist them in some of their bigger engineering projects. My biggest project that I assisted with was an aerial boom project with Boeing. It was really cool to get to have a meaningful role with that. I also helped with panel saw optimization in our plant where I was able to do time studies to get to the root problems of issues we were having. I really liked getting to work with the process engineers and doing hands-on work. I also liked being included in meetings as events as it helped me get to know people while also seeing how those types of things are run. The culture of the company was just awesome as well. Everyone was so helpful and kind. I never had the issue of fearing to reach out to somebody. I could always get help if I needed it.”
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