The Grand

About The Grand

The Grand, incorporated into the Robinson building in 1909, was a Vaudeville House and theatre and remained in operation until 1914. According to one of their early advertisements, The Grand offered a "dizzying array of entertainment." Accounts in the State Newspaper from that time also describe and can attest to the entertainment tastes of Columbia residents around the turn of the century.

The Grand today takes its inspiration from that bygone era and through a revitalized space plans to bring back to Main Street that spirit of entertainment by providing a destination where friends can meet for fun and relaxation.

So, whether you come to eat a good meal, play games or sit and relax with friends, make your time Grand.



April 2018 - July 2019 Columbia, SC
“The pay was good for how many hours I worked being a full-time student and the style of the restaurant was nice and different.”
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