The Gab Group

Public Relations and Marketing Intern

June - August 2019 • Boca Raton, FL

What I liked

I really enjoyed the culture among the other interns. We were all able to collaborate on our experiences and work alongside each other in different tasks. We created a culture amongst the small office that gave us enjoyable experiences throughout the summer.

What I wish was different

The company was going through a large transition. They were moving offices and had also let go of multiple staff members. This created a lot of downtime, as well as more of a focus on moving their stuff out of the office, instead of focusing on PR and Marketing tasks. At one point, there were 4 interns and only the CEO in the office for multiple days, creating an awkward environment. We also transitioned into working from home for the last 3 weeks of the internship period, which really changed my experience to be more negative, as I was not informed this would happen upon accepting the job.


I would advise those applying for an internship with the Gab Group to understand their culture. They are very focused on CEO approval, and even though they have high profile clients, such as iPic and popular local restaurants, there is a strange culture. Hopefully, in their new multimillion-dollar office, there will be a better environment.
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