The Full Frame Initiative, Inc.

About The Full Frame Initiative, Inc.

People who grapple with poverty, violence, trauma and oppression are often forced to make difficult tradeoffs that may provide short-term gains at the expense of their long-term wellbeing. Instead of interrupting these cycles, well-intentioned interventions may have the opposite effect, solidifying inequities that not only hold back individuals, but society as a whole.

The Full Frame Initiative is a social change organization that partners with pioneering organizations, systems and communities across the country to fundamentally shift their focus from fixing problems to fostering wellbeing—the needs and experiences essential for health and hope. Together, we are creating possibilities for lasting change in people’s lives and sparking a broader movement that replaces poverty, violence, trauma and oppression with wellbeing and justice.


Capacity Building Intern

June 2018 - August 2018 Greenfield, MA
“I loved working with an NGO, people are super great at the company. ”
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