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About The Exploratory

The Exploratory, we believe that creative learning is innately born in every human being and that a sustainable future depends upon our children being confidently armed with the tools to harness imagination to create innovative solutions.

Our MISSION is to develop and produce education products, services, environments and curricula that provide children opportunities to sustain the love of discovery, celebrate the rigors of inquisitive, joyful learning and become students of innovation, prepared to solve future global challenges.

Develop Passion for Life Long Learning: We believe that all children are capable, intelligent and motivated to learn. Our job as educators is to recognize the variety of languages with which children express their unique selves. Using making and tinkering, we are able to introduce students to a wide variety of tools that they can use to explore and affect their world. These learning experiences empower students to use their curiosity, imagination, and critical thinking skills to be agents of their own future.

Prepare children for a future that will require effective problem solving skills, innovative thinking, flexible thinking and grit: STEM/STEAM are vehicles for sustaining the curiosity and inquisitive nature of young children. When children are scientists, engineers and designers, they engage in processes where they learn to recognize problems, develop possible solutions, learn from failures, collaborate with peers and become effective drivers of innovation. Research has shown that grit is a more reliable predictor of success than IQ alone. The Exploratory's Tinker.Make.Innovate Pathways bring together all these disciplines to create learning opportunities that prepare the youth of today for a rapidly changing, unknown future.

Build a community of stakeholders: To create a virtual and physical space where educators, parents and experts from many fields can share information on how youth can be empowered through STEM/STEAM, making, creative play, tinkering, project and inquiry based learning. To create a volunteer corps that can be trained and deployed to provide Tinker.Make.Innovate. programming to underserved communities through libraries and educator training. To create a free online resource for educators, where they can mentor each other.


Exploratory intern

June 2018 - August 2018 Nsawam, Eastern Region
“I loved learning about the culture of the people I was working with. It helped me to develop the science curriculum into a relatable product that would increase interest for the scientific field in young women.”
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