The Epiphany School

About The Epiphany School

Epiphany is an independent school for children of economically disadvantaged families in Boston, with scholarships for all. We admit children of diverse faiths, races, cultures, and cognitive profiles. In close partnership with families and community partners, we are an innovative learning community. We offer structured support to enable children to discover and develop the fullness of their individual gifts and to help their families thrive.

Our Early Learning Center serves infants, toddlers, and preschoolers through a rich, child-centered curriculum and whole-family program model to ensure kindergarten readiness and family self-sufficiency. Our Middle School offers small classes, individualized curricula, and extended hours providing rigorous academic, moral, and social instruction to children in grades five through eight. Our Graduate Support Program provides abiding educational, personal and career guidance and assistance to our graduates, ensuring they are prepared to contribute intelligently, morally, and actively to the society they will inherit. Our Teacher Training Program supports aspiring urban teachers, including many of our own graduates. Our Impact Center shares best practices to improve educational outcomes on a broad scale.

Together we are a school that never gives up on a child.



May 2019 - August 2019 Coon Rapids, MN
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