The DREAM Program

About The DREAM Program

DREAM is doing work to reduce the opportunity gap for youth ages 5-18 who are growing up in low-income housing communities.

DREAM believes that the opportunity gap is unfair and unjust.
We believe that childhood is a precious part of the human experience and worthy of great investment.
We believe that all children have immense potential to contribute to our society and that lost potential for one is lost potential for all.
We believe that change is possible.
These beliefs guide the mission, vision, and direction of our organization to support decision-making and forward momentum.

In order to address the disparity in access to enriching out of school opportunities, we offer several different programs depending on the needs and desires of the communities we are partnered with. This includes:
1. Providing formative mentoring relationships through 1:1 and group mentoring with programs at both colleges and high schools (Village Mentoring and Guided Mentoring, respectively).
2. Engaging youth in free Afterschool Enrichment opportunities
3. Offering free Summer Enrichment activities at both our neighborhood-based Day Camps and at Overnight Camp DREAM
4. Offering an array of adventure opportunities throughout the year

The DREAM Program is committed to dismantling systems of oppression that affect our youth and families. This organizational commitment means that members should join this space with an intention of learning, unlearning, and diving into ways that your involvement will directly contribute to DREAM’s mission of reducing the Opportunity Gap while also supporting the dismantling of other systemic inequities. We seek members who contribute to The DREAM Program’s diverse community, as having different perspectives, identities, and skills are what allow us to excel in our service. DREAM seeks members who are ready to engage in and foster an inclusive environment, and who strive to deliver culturally appropriate and relevant programming to the youth we serve. Incoming members and staff should understand that we serve marginalized communities, which means that it is imperative that diversity, equity, and inclusivity are infused into every aspect of our work as an organization.

DREAM partners with AmeriCorps to provide many of the roles that support our communities, so many of our position postings are AmeriCorps positions!


Summer AmeriCorps Member

June 2018 - August 2018 Boston, MA
“Gaining experience working with youth and their families in affordable housing communities in Boston ”
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