The District

About The District

The District is a live/work/play neighborhood that sparks the creative, the eclectic, and the local. We’re a constantly adapting community of people, with tradition blending harmoniously with high tech and the latest trends in fashion, food and the arts.

The District is bounded by three colleges and encompasses 50 square blocks, more than 300 individual properties, over 5000 residences, and over 600 businesses, non-profits and government entities.

The Downtown Community Improvement District (CID) is an independent organization dedicated to keeping Columbia’s downtown—The District—vital.

The CID strives to do the following:

Encourage a centrally located, live/work/play neighborhood
Create an authentic, dense and sustainable urban space
Cultivate a creative and innovative culture of diverse enterprises
Maintain the local and eclectic flavor of the area
A 15-member board of directors governs the CID, representing property owners, business owners and residents throughout The District . The CID is funded through assessments on properties in The District and through a half cent sales tax.


Community Improvement Intern

June 2019 - September 2019 Columbia, MO
“The amount of autonomy was nice, but also being given tasks to complete was nice. The time passed fast and it wasn't the same thing everyday. The local businesses in downtown Columbia, Raven, and Nickie are the best! ”
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