The City of San Leandro

Transportation Engineering Intern

July - September 2018 • San Leandro, CA

What I liked

I like how every intern had a main assignment/project of their own to work on this summer. It gives us a focus and allows us to learn the depths of each project and not just follow the “here’s the instructions, now complete it” surface level learning approach. I also enjoyed the company of my fellow interns. We constantly help and support each other with things like fixing a printing problem to helping each other complete parts of their task they need help on. I also appreciate the variety and quantity of assignments available.

What I wish was different

Since I spent the summer focusing mainly on one project, I wish that I got to work on other projects -even if it's small- just to get a scope of what else transportation engineering has to offer.


Don't be shy to ask questions/talk to the engineers. It's way more efficient to ask for help when you're stuck on something rather than to try and google the solution again and again.
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