The Children's Garden

Preschool Teacher

January 2019 • Las Cruces, NM

What I liked

I love working at this location. I actually was just transferred to this location as a Pre-K teacher and had to leave my preschool classroom at a different location. I love the students and the communication from the families. I love the involvement that each of the families has and how they show that they are involved in what their children are doing. I also love how the children are ready to learn and how I know they take their day home to tell their families what they have done.

What I wish was different

I wish there was a little more support from superiors. We have so many behavioral children and not enough resources to help these children. If we had more resources, I feel that our jobs would be a little easier.


Stay committed and put a smile on your face. Communicate with families even when you know they aren't interested. Staying involved will show the families that you are there for their children and that is what we want.
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