The Building for Kids Children's Museum

About The Building for Kids Children's Museum

The Building for Kids Children’s Museum’s mission is to empower children, engage parents and energize communities.

We accomplish our mission be providing specially designed exhibits, programs, and events for children in their most critical times of cognitive, physical, social and emotional development. We also provide resources for parents to further connect with their families, building strong bonds and lasting memories together.


Program Coordinator

June 2019 Appleton, WI
“I love it! I have the freedom to make my own program, and my supervisors love that it’s different! ”

Marketing and Operations Intern

May 2018 Appleton, WI
“During my internship at the Building for Kids, I liked the amount of work I was able to do. We went through a re-brand which included a new logo and new exhibits. I was lucky enough to work on creating new promotional material including brochures, posters, newsletters and other items that had to coincide with the new brand. I also created over 50 different graphics that related to the new logo. I also wrote press releases that were distributed to local news stations, news papers, and other news outlets. My favorite project however, was designing the new facade. The old facade of the museum did not signify clearly what we were as an organization, so the Marketing Manager, Executive Director, and COO gave me the task to create new designs and once I had completed multiple trials of designs, we collaborated to create a more fun, colorful, and energetic design. This was my favorite part of the internship because I had a part in re-designing a landmark of College Avenue, one of the busiest streets in the state and I could always go past the museum look at the designs and say "I created that". Another aspect of the internship I liked was being interviewed on television twice. We had our Children's Parade over the summer and my manager asked me if I wanted to give interviews explaining what the parade was and how families could participate. I had already been on TV a few times so I was not nervous and the interviews went great and I got experience I would have probably not got at another internship.”
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