The Black Agenda

About The Black Agenda

The Black Agenda Podcast is a Black centric show that discuss issues that impact Black America and other minorities. We speak to politicians, leaders, organizations, and experts over a variety of topics involving social justice and equality.

We produce 2 shows a week. The 1st is with an expert about a particular topic. The 2nd is a news-style show that delivers commentary, analysis, and humor. With our shows, we work to educate the community and provide a cause to rally around. We also speak with leaders about various issues in an effort to advance certain positions and learn what is happening around those issues.

We are excited to offer students career experience in a variety of industries. Students interested in politics, community service, advocacy, communications, public relations, journalism, media, lobbying or social justice will gain relevant work experience for their future endeavors. We work with leaders, experts, and educators over a variety of topics. Students will be able to utilize their skills in a variety of ways with our team as we grow and expand our services to the community.

Students looking for internship experience in the following careers will gain valuable knowledge on our team:

Social Media Contributor
Digital Marketing Manager
Data Analyst
News Anchor
Graphic Designer
Communication Coordinator
Marketing Manager
Lobbying Associate
Community Organizer
Non-Profit Coordinator
Podcast Host
Radio Host
Executive Assistant

Current Open Positions:

Communications Team
Schedule guests for interviews
Sends out media kit and materials
Public relations and increasing exposure

Content Creation Team
Hosts shows
Pitch topics, news, and guests to Co-Hosts

Journalism Team
Write news articles
Conduct interviews

Social Media Team
Develop graphics for social media
Schedule social media posts
Write text for social media posts



January 2022 - May 2022 Tallahassee, FL
“Adrian and Devin were really communicative. They offered help and advice throughout the entire internship. ”
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