The Atlantic Inn & Eli's * Inn and Restaurants

About The Atlantic Inn & Eli's * Inn and Restaurants

The Atlantic Inn is a classic bed & breakfast. Owned and run by the Marthens family for over 20 years, hosting everything from formal dinners to full weddings. Also a bed & breakfast style inn, the ground floor is home to Restaurant 1879. At The Atlantic Inn and Restaurant 1879 we strive to produce an amazing experience for our guests. Not only is the dining room decorated with flowers from the Innkeeper's garden, but there is a second garden that provides herbs for the kitchen. We source locally as much as possible, and interns are provided with housing near the inn so that they can enjoy the island in their free time.

Eli's is a classic bistro that along with the Inn has an evolving menu that changes regularly based on seasonality, availability and what is fun to do....

Both restaurants are award winning and very popular...


Dining Room Server

June 2017 Block Island, RI
“The job itself is high-energy and fast-paced, which is important to me. I also really love my fellow employees, as the group dynamic is wonderful and working at the Atlantic Inn is made very fun by the people I work with. As someone who enjoys good quality food, working in a fine dining restaurant allows me to talk in depth with kitchen staff as well as diners about the quality and other aspects of the food we serve. Furthermore, as the Atlantic is an Inn, we also put on weddings, which has given me a lot of experience in catering and production of weddings (and, while they require long hours, weddings are SO much fun to work). ”
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