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The non-profit 5th Avenue Theatre is the nation's premier incubator for new musical theater.


Summer Casting Assistant

May 2018 - August 2018 Seattle, WA
“I was given "real" work that I could easily tell was actively contributing to the casting department of this theatre company's summer projects. I was not filing random things or making copies. I was the point person for an entire section of auditions and callbacks the company was holding during the summer! This company is also an artistic institution whose work I have always admired and still do admire. The 5th is a place I had interned with (their internships being unpaid, I might add) somewhat regularly from the time I was a junior in high school at age 16 through my college career when I would come home for various breaks during the academic year and during my summers. It was nice to see that the efforts I made at the company and the time I put in with them building relationships and showing them my skills had the power to turn into a real paid job - even if it was only for a short-term project. They also reached out to me to offer me this job upon hearing I was graduating and returning to Seattle. That was an unexpected benefit of not having to go through a lengthy application and interview process! The references I have from working here also (at least, I believe) helped land me the full time job I have at Seattle Children's Theatre now. ”
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