Does anyone know if Textron offers a mentorship program to its interns?

Sort of. They have a program called YPA, which is the Young Professionals Association. New folks mentoring new folks. If you get a decent manager, they will mentor you. The EE department had pretty level-headed and experienced mid-level management as of Summer 2017, from what I could tell.
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How would you describe the culture at Textron?

Textron's culture can vary depending on the specific Business Unit and location, but overall the culture is very much focused on learning and development. Employees are always given the opportunity to take on new assignments, and special attention is paid to career paths and how each individual w...
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What is it like daily as a Supply Chain Intern at Textron?

Your average day really depends on the depart you get placed with. I knew some people who got placed in operations and spent all day moving up and down the line, running time studies, looking for process improvement, helping keeps the line moving, I knew other people in Continuous improvement who...
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How much work-life balance should I be expected to have as a Supply Chain Intern at Textron?

Again this depends on you position. The average intern is going to have a good amount of work life balance. You work 8-5 with an hour for lunch, and live with a bunch of other interns. A lot of interns would work out together everyday after work. We'd go to baseball games together, or trivia nigh...
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How much ownership over my work should I be expected to have as a HR Leadership Development Program Associate at Textron?

The ownership you have over your work as a LDP will largely depend on your specific assignment (role, business and location). In my experience, LDP's had a lot of respect from the businesses they worked in, and were treated just as regular, entry level employees. Often times LDP's were even given...
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Does anyone know what the training program for a Sales Intern at Textron; Kautex looks like?

We had about a week of training before being released onto the floor for our day-to-day jobs. During training, we had various lessons on the company's structure and its products. We had employees from multiple teams rotate in to give us a well-rounded understanding of how the different department...
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Can someone tell me what a Sales Intern at Kautex Textron usually do?

I was given a number of projects that I could work on for however long I needed to finish them. One project I worked on was a reference document for the team, that laid out the car models of our clients and which auto supplier they used for the different models. It was a research project of sort,...
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