Texas State Auditor's Office

About Texas State Auditor's Office

The Texas State Auditor’s Office is the independent auditor for Texas state government. Our mission is to actively provide government leaders with useful information that improves accountability. We help provide oversight of state government by evaluating whether agencies are following the law and operating efficiently and reporting our findings to the Legislature. We play a vital role in ensuring that public funds are utilized wisely, and that the government remains accountable to its citizens. To help us achieve our mission we seek employees who possess diligence, innovation, and creativity. So, we invite you to apply at the Texas State Auditor’s Office where you can make a meaningful difference in the way government operates.


Audit intern

June 2018 - August 2018 Austin, TX
“I think the job is a good introduction in working with state government. Specifically I thought I was constantly challenged with meaningful work and felt like an actual part of the team, not just an inten”
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