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About Texas Freedom Network

Founded in 1996, the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund supports research and civic education efforts that promote religious freedom, individual liberties and public education. The TFN Education Fund is widely recognized as an influential think tank in Texas. Our growing library of original research has become invaluable to policymakers on a wide range of church-state and education issues, such as the faith-based initiative, public school Bible courses and sex education.

The TFN Education Fund’s Texas Rising program also trains emerging grassroots leaders and activists on university and college campuses across the state. The organization also engages in projects that help mainstream clergy and other Texans formulate and advocate a faith-based response to the religious right’s policy agenda.

The Texas Freedom Network Education Fund is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation. Contributions are deductible for federal income tax purposes.


Deputy Field Organizer

August 2022 - November 2022 Corpus Christi, TX
“The pay was great, and I also got to meet a lot of people I wouldnt have previously, and it opened the door to some pretty great opportunities for getting more involved than I would have in my community. My team was a group of incredible, driven young minds with a strive to see our generation and city thrive, and I'm grateful to have met them!”
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