Teva Pharmaceuticals

Care to share some entry-level job recommendations in the same industry as a company like Teva Pharmaceuticals?

Health System Specialist Customer Service Sales Analist
Pharmaceutical Entry-level Teva Pharmaceuticals
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What's a day in the life really like for a supply chain analyst at Teva Pharmaceuticals?

Conducting several root cause analysis, generating/creating several reports and updating slide decks (ppt.) using Oracle and some manual reports from the various manufacturing sites across Teva’s footprint. Reports/analyses surrounded everything concerning inventory: shortages by molecules/family...
Day in the Life Business Administration & Management Pharmaceutical Teva Pharmaceuticals Supply Chain Reporter & Analyst
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How might a business administration major help me going into a supply chain analyst position at Teva Pharmaceuticals ?

Prepared me well having a broad business background and enough experience in SC in my short career history. This enabled me to fully grasp concepts in meetings and to essentially fully immerse into the role without a lot of onboarding. I was able to understand/interact with other departments and ...
Reporter Analyst Supply Chain College Major Business Administration & Management Pharmaceutical Teva Pharmaceuticals
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