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About Tennessee Tech University MBA Studies

The purpose of the M.B.A degree is to offer a professional program preparing graduate students from diverse backgrounds for rewarding careers in organizations. The core area of business studies is broad in scope for the purpose of developing general managerial competence through extensive use of various pedagogies such as case methods, simulations, and research projects. Electives are used to develop special competencies of interest to the student. In the degree, the College seeks to:

Provide a high level of confidence that will allow the student to cope with uncertainty, communicate effectively, and to make decisions in an increasingly complex and global business environment.
Provide an awareness and appreciation of the legal, ethical, social, political, and economic environments of business.
Provide essential competence in administration, as well as an understanding of the administrative process.
Develop a high level of skill in problem analysis and decision making.
Provide sufficient competence for making positive contributions to one of the functional areas of a business firm through changing technology within the business context.


Information Research Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 Cookeville, TN
“I liked how it exposed me to the research aspect of graduate studies.”
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