Tennessee Justice Center

About Tennessee Justice Center

Founded in 1996, TJC is a private, non-profit public interest law firm that represents low-income families throughout Tennessee. Our mission is to advocate on behalf of Tennesseans:

- In areas of public policy having the greatest impact on their health and welfare;
- By means which afford clients opportunities to make their own voices heard; and
- In ways that emphasize collaborations across lines of class, race, and age.

Our clients inspire and drive the work we do. TJC also supports the work of others, beyond state boundaries, that are engaged in similar advocacy efforts on behalf of the poor.


Legal Intern

June 2022 - August 2022 Nashville, TN
“It was great for me to improve my working and communication skills. ”

Case Work Intern

July 2019 - August 2019 Nashville, TN
“Every person working at this organization cares deeply about what they do. This makes for a positive and inspiring work environment. The senior team are incredibly knowledgeable professionals and willingly take the time to ensure that interns' questions are answered. Case Work Interns are not merely observers and assistants; from day one they are given their own cases and trained to aid clients. Interns rapidly build a knowledge base which allows them to handle many day-to-day duties on their own, while still being encouraged to ask for any clarifications they need. Interning at the Tennessee Justice Center allowed me to gain crucial knowledge of the Tennessee health care system and legislation affecting it in a growth-centered, positive work environment.”
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