Intern EMS / SCADA Engineer

May - August 2022 • Irving, TX

What I liked

I really enjoyed the company culture and outings. Getting to know my coworkers outside of the office was very fun and I looked forward to company events. I also enjoyed the learning process about the power industry. My coworkers were very kind to thoroughly explain what was going on, being sure to educate me about why things happened.

What I wish was different

I wish more clarity had been given as to what was expected of me regarding specific projects and I wish a project roadmap had been established earlier in the internship, with clear, defined goals so I would know what sort of milestones I needed to be hitting.


I would advise doing your research about what to expect from the internship. If there are multiple internship positions available, I recommend contacting each of the managers and finding a role that interests you. Ask what sort of goals and projects will be pursued during the internship.
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