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May 2021 • Fitchburg, MA

What I liked

I like the flexibility of hours so I can work around my school schedule, I like that I can help the person I am working with and make their needs met. I like that I can make them feel like they're getting the help they need and deserve whether or not they mentally know they need it or not. I also formed bonds and connections with the client I took care of but also the family I work with. It helps to know I help the client and also the family when they are unable to do so.

What I wish was different

One thing I wish was different was I wish we got more hours and pay for the amount of work I did. I often worked overtime with any more compensation. Insurance only pays for a certain amount of hours per week due to what they feel the person needs based on medical condition. I was 1 of 2 PCA's to come in so we had to split the hours and often times I took on more of the hours but was only paid for mine.


Be kind, be patient and realize most of the time it is elderly people who need help with things they need to do like laundry, dishes, going to the bathroom, showering etc. Each one is different and requires different needs, some need total 24/7 care, some need you to only come a few days a week, some just need help during the day while their respected family member is working. Some need overnight care. Everyone is different and needs different things, don't go into the job thinking it'll just be a few hours a day watching tv with a elderly person and laughing making jokes while having lunch and afternoon tea. It is very different from that, they need medical care and attention they otherwise wouldn't get. They need that special attention. Give them the dignity and respect you'd want, they are humans too. They deserve to be treated kindly and with respect, care and dignity like everyone else, don't shame them for what they can't do it doesn't help them. Some of them even have issues like dementia or alzheimers and don't know what's happening so be extra patient. This job isn't for the weak of heart, their is heavy lifting of said person to help them in and out of the shower if needed, helping them to, on and from the toilet, dressing or undressing them, if you can't handle lifting, handling bodily fluids and essentially doing basic cleaning things you'd do at your house as well don't go for this job it's not fair to you or the client, they don't want to hear you complain about them
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