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Teleperformance USA is a Utah based company with 45 locations across the country that offers career opportunities in Customer Service, Technical Support, HR, Recruiting, IT, Programming, Development, Sales and much more. TRANSFORMING PASSION INTO EXCELLENCE This is a place where we believe in people...Where teamwork wins. This is a place where we work for people...That’s how we put commitment into practice. This is the company that inspires. To learn, to teach, to grow. To get things done. This is the company that motivates. Being happy to make a difference. This is the real thing: more than a job this is your career future. Together, we build the best partnership to perform. We have the knowledge and resources to deliver outstanding customer experience, all over the world. This is Teleperformance! From the minute you step into Teleperformance your experience will be fast, fun, thrilling and engaging. Once you start training you will see the tools and techniques used to deliver exceptional customer service and have fun doing it. From the For fun Festival our annual worldwide talent show to the sports club where we encourage sports participation to TP University where we will train and guide the future leaders Teleperformance is committed to our employees. The Citizens of the World charitable campaign is Teleperformance ‘s way of giving back to the community and in 2013 Teleperformance USA was the number one contributor to this global campaign with over one million dollars raised for charity programs right here in the United States. The Citizens of the Planet campaign is Teleperformance’ s way of giving back to the earth by cutting back on our carbon footprint by reducing electricity usage, in house recycling efforts, keeping travel at a minimum. At Teleperformance, we do business with people, for people. We want people to be inspired, to be motivated. Our main goal is to make you proud to belong to our group through job satisfaction and a great work environment.


Customer Service Representative

January 2019 Sierra Vista, AZ
“The work environment. Many of my peers at Teleperformance were a joy to work with, and I have no doubt that both my coworkers and supervisors were what kept me working at Teleperformance for as long as I did. I also appreciated the steps they were willing to take to accommodate my class schedule.”

Member Service Representative

June 2019 - August 2019 Shreveport, LA
“I like being exposed to a new genre of work. I also appreciated I was able to receive my personal lines insurer license. ”
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