TECHCET and the CRITICAL MATERIALS COUNCIL TECHCET CA LLC is an advisory services firm focused on materials supply-chain market analysis and technologies for electronic device markets. Now integrated with the Critical Material Council (CMC), TECHCET works with leading IC fabricators to solve supply-chain issues by way of CMC activities, Critical Material Reports™ (CMRs), Analyst meetings, and other services. Favorite topics include Silicon wafers, ALD/CVD precursors, CMP consumables, Gases, Photoresists, Metals/chemicals, Wet chemicals and China. For additional information about CMRs or CMC membership please contact us by clicking here, call +1-480-332-8336, x 1, or go to or TECHCET is committed to the highest standards of integrity and ethics which help us earn and maintain the respect and confidence of our customers, employees, suppliers, and communities. For TECHCET’s Code of Conduct, click here The Company is recognized as the leading authority in materials market forecasts, supply-chain sustainability, as well as leading-edge process/materials technologies trends. Our strength is built from the breadth and depth of our TECHCET Group – subject matter experts having first-hand experience within the industries which they analyze. Most of TECHCET’s analysts have over 25 years of direct and relevant experience in their field.


Market analyst intern

September 2020 San Diego, CA
“Work time is very flexible and my supervisor is very helpful and caring. You cal n tell that they want you to learn.”

Market Analyst Intern

September 2020 San Diego, CA
“Work time is really flexible; my supervisor is very helpful and warm-hearted. You can tell that they really want you to learn things.”
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