TAMU-CC Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs Student Assistant

February - July 2020 • Corpus Christi, TX

What I liked

The warming environment that made my work experience fun and allowed me to get all of my student tasks completed.

What I wish was different

I was hired on with a pay rate of $10/hour and after noticing my paychecks were less than they should have been I discovered that I was only getting paid 8$/hour. I notified my supervisor and was informed the mistake would be corrected and would be receiving back-pay. After several weeks of asking I was eventually told that they could not adjust my rate and I would not be given any amount of back-pay. Right after the closure of the campus due to COVID-19 I was informed that my job could be terminated in the future. Understanding this, I requested from my supervisor that if they had any suspicions of this occurring to let me know as soon as possible that way I could search for another job, this was back in March/April of 2020. I was informed via email three days before I was "not going to have any scheduled shifts for at least the next month". I had zero write-ups and nothing to go against my conduct, yet was forced to quit my job. I enjoyed my job and was given the max amount of hours possible. I feel I was treated unfairly in my termination as well as by my pay rate being promised to be corrected and back-pay to be given only to be neglected. I understand why I was terminated due to the circumstances however, the manner in which it was handled was unjust.


Always check and make sure the pay rate is correct and processed into the system before the first pay period ends.
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