About Synthesis

Synthesis School is building the online school of the future. We encourage you to learn more about our founding here ( Synthesis offers instruction through live online team games for students across the country and around the world. While students are focused on winning the game, we’re teaching them the meta game — the principles to break down and solve any complex problem. This is where you fit in.

Synthesis is seeking college students and alumni to be teachers assistants and facilitators to help lead a dynamic virtual classroom with a curriculum focused on solving complex problems while working collaboratively. We want facilitators and teachers assistants capable of implementing our ideas effectively while helping the students navigate the complexities of the simulations.

You’ll need to think on your feet, find creative solutions to unexpected problems in the classroom and help our students improve their problem solving skills and ability to work cooperatively with their peers. A basic understanding and familiarity with game theory concepts is helpful, but a successful candidate will demonstrate a willingness to learn these theories ahead of time.


Teaching Assistant

May 2021 Los Angeles, CA
“Synthesis approaches learning in a very unique lens. We bring students from across the globe into a virtual environment, where they take control of all the simulation games under the guidance of the facilitators and teaching assistants. Rather than directly teaching real concepts to students, Synthesis teaches problem solving through simulation games, and then weaves problem-solving skills into real concepts, such as economics and game theory. ”

teaching assistant

February 2021 Johannesburg, Gauteng
“I love how exciting it is to work at Synthesis. The mission, the team, and the students that we work with every day are motivated and passionate. Working towards the goal of making students into better problem solvers provides the whole company with a mission. The unified effort towards this mission makes the purpose of the work that I do, and the purpose of the whole team, more meaningful.”
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