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About Sweet Temptations

A little over 8 years ago, a group of Executive Chef's and Restaurant owners formed a corporation together and opened a central dessert production location known as Sweet temptations. The concept was a simple one; of saving labor, equiptment and supply costs by having one location that could provide all of their restaurants with all of their dessert needs. Over time that company grew into handling many outside wholesale accounts. Not far behind Sweet Temptaions started taking on Retail accounts and doing birthday, specialty and wedding cakes for many caterers, country clubs, hotels and retail customers. We also provide desserts and cakes to several other bakeries, cafe's and quiet little restaurants in the Baltimore area, so everyone can try our products you do not need to be in a high end restaurant. Sweet Temptations has become well known in the wedding cake industry, also you can find our products on menus of many five star restaurants and country clubs throughout the Baltimore, Delaware and Pennsylvania areas. We maintain the highest standards of quality and freshness. All of our products are made from scratch recipes, no frozen or pre-made mixes of any kind. The result is a classic delicious cake, dessert or pastry with a quality you can taste. Our cakes, desserts and pastries all come in a variety of sizes which add that extra special touch to any occasion. Feel free to set up your personal complimentary tasting today and see why we say "IT ONLY TAKES ONE BITE". We have many retail customers that will come in and pick up just a few small desserts to take home and enjoy for themselves.



May 2011 Grand Haven, MI
“Great atmosphere, friendly customers, flexible schedule”
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