Sutton Pierce

Executive Assistant Intern

February - May 2020 • Los Angeles, CA

What I liked

Great work environment, and an amazing team that is there to support. I was given many different tasks that gave me an opportunity to diversify my knowledge and skill set in both the legal and medical area. They also provided a great balance of flexibility in my schedule allowing me to work part time while I went to school and work remotely on occasion. In the end my relationship with Sutton Pierce was very positive that I was offered a full time position upon graduation.

What I wish was different

Working remotely takes much discipline and organization, I wish I was more prepared for this aspect of the job it would have made my duties and projects more efficient and productive.


Do not be afraid to ask questions and be honest with how you are feeling. They were very understanding of me and where willing to work with my schedule as well as how I was feeling. It being my last semester before graduating I was very stressed out but Sutton Pierce as a company was there to truly support me in the areas I need them to.
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