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About Superior Industries & Westmor Industries

We are one company comprised of two divisions: Superior Industries and Westmor Industries.

At Superior Industries, our manufactured products help produce key ingredients that form the world’s infrastructure. This innovative crushing, screening, washing and conveying equipment moves and processes minerals used to build roads and bridges, airports and hospitals and other fundamental utilities in society. Although the industries we proudly serve are some of most time-honored, our spirited culture encourages bold ideas, which consistently create new opportunities for each other.

1. We manufacture crushing, screening, washing and conveying equipment and parts.
2. We have operations located in seven states and four countries.
3. We sell through a global network of equipment dealers and parts distributors.
4. A majority of our customers produce commodities in the aggregates and mining industries.
5. Our slogan is "Rock Face to Load Out®," which represents our broad diversity of products and services.

Westmor Industries is a manufacturer and distributor of energy storage, transportation, and dispensing equipment, which serves customers from Pipeline to Pump®. Around the world, customers come to Westmor when they need an expert to reduce risk and provide a turnkey solution for energy distribution and fuel transfer-related projects.

1. We manufacturer and distribute energy storage, transportation and dispensing equipment.
2. We have operations in eight states throughout the Midwest and Northeast United States.
3. Our slogan is "Pipeline to Pump®" to describe North America's most diverse energy equipment portfolio.
4. We might have designed and built the convenience store you visited for fuel and snacks.
5. One of our aviation refueling trucks used to top ff the U.S. president's helicopter, Marine One.

Superior Industries & Westmor Industries are an Equal Opportunity Employer.



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