Suncor Energy

Process Engineering Co-op Student

May 2018 • Calgary, Alberta

What I liked

I have about 5 different bosses that can give me work, and since all of them work on different aspects of Suncor's upstream production (Central Process Engineering), I have gained valuable experience all across extraction and upgrading. Also, Suncor has a very large student community which is excellent for making friends quickly in a new place.

What I wish was different

In between large projects you sometimes get stuck doing less interesting work like proof-reading technology packages.


Spending time in industry during a coop experience enables you to learn more about the oil and gas industry than you will ever learn in school. I'm 5 months into an 8 month coop, and I'm already thinking about my next long-term coop before I graduate. I highly recommend considering longer coop terms than just summer jobs and not worrying about the fact that it may take 5-6 years to graduate. You come out on the other end with more experience and knowledge than any of your peers.
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