Marketing Intern

October 2017 • Scottsdale, AZ

What I liked

This internship blew me away! This company is wonderful! My marketing team was extremely helpful and communicative. I was NOT on coffee run, rather “thrown to the wolves” in the best way possible! I learned/am learning so much EVERY. DAY. The atmosphere and culture of this company is unlike any I’ve seen. They truly care about you as a professional as well as a person. At StormWind I get to participate in social media postings, vblog content and creation, and helping attract new clientel to the sales reps. 10/10 recommend!

What I wish was different

Honestly, nothing. I work a perfect 15 hrs a week to fit according to my busy school and personal life. I get payed fair for being an entry level. Staff is wonderful- understanding this is my first job with NO experience. The office is fun and lively and constantly plays music and hosts events once a month in celebration of holidays and birthdays!


Go in with an open mind! The first week is information overload, but each day you get in to a more organized and places “groove” and you eventually learn the ropes. If you’re not pushing yourself than you’re not growing!
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