Sterling Medical

Web Design Intern

August - September 2019 • Idaho Falls, ID

What I liked

I liked the independent workplace

What I wish was different

This place was one of the most unprofessional places I have ever worked for. I wish my supervisor communicated more with the CEO of the company. When my supervisor gave me instructions on what to do, the CEO called me up and asked me what was going on. My supervisor gave me the option to work from home, and the CEO yelled at me saying I wasn't coming into work. When my supervisor wasn't available, I went up the ladder and talked to someone else about my pay (the financial department). The CEO was super upset and used vulgar language and swore at me saying I was causing chaos at his place, that I'm untrustworthy, and "We'll see if you still work at Sterling Medical." The employees would talk poorly about the customers who they just got off the phone with. The CEO would also swear at the other employees and complain about his job. I first met him and his wife coming out of the bathroom in the facility. My supervisor told me to be available at certain times but she was rarely available when I was working and she wouldn't tell me her schedule. So if I needed help, she wasn't available for about 5 days at one point and we had a presentation the following week. Totally unprofessional.


I would recommend not to work here. The CEO doesn't follow the communications ladder and blows minor situations out of proportion. If there are errors or mistakes by the Interns, there is no pardon, even at a few weeks into the job.
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