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Got any tips for me? Will soon be interviewing for a student assistant curator position in the costume museum at Stephens College!

To start with I would know basic costume history. Be able to clearly talk about trends throughout the years and how we see dress change.Know how to preserve historical garments and how to maintain them. For example, storing them in special paper to keep them from braking down. What you can hang o...
Interview Museum Assistant Stephens College Curator
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What's it like to be an assistant curator at Stephens College, specifically in the Costume Museum?

It depends on the day.Working in the archive can range from photographing garments and uploading them to an online database to mending garments to pulling garments for an event.Working the gallery is hours during the week that you watch the exhibit and make sure no one touches the garments or bri...
Day in the Life Museum Assistant Stephens College Curator
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