Steamatic of Idaho Falls

Window Washer

April - July 2019 • Idaho Falls, ID

What I liked

Very fair and understanding administration. High expectations for excellence, they have a very recognized brand built up that they expect every employee to maintain.

What I wish was different

I recognize I was working there in a difficult time for the company so far as finding employees, but as a result of this problem I was made to work upwards of 60 hours a week on a variable work shift. This made it impossible for me to know when I would be working and when not. I never had time left in my life for anything outside of eat, sleep and work. Better scheduling, better training,and a larger staff would have improved the job greatly.


Don't every be afraid to express an opinion to your superiors. If you think that something about the work environment needs fixing, tell them! They may not even be aware about it, and are usually very helpful in improving the work environment when they are made aware. The same goes for asking for raises, or for a position change, or even an overall dissatisfaction with any aspect of the job. Communicate. Don't let your voice go unheard. Your job can be whatever you make it.
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