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Mentorship program at State Street Corporation, yes or no? Curious to hear if they will invest in my professional growth outside of my project.

State Street Corporation does offer online training and tuition reimbursement for employees up to $10,000 when getting approved. I think it is really helpful and gives employees the freedom as well as flexibility of choosing their desired courses. Also, managers are very supportive in discussing ...
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How was the responsibility distributed for Client Operations interns at State Street Corporation?

During my time as a Client Operations Summer Intern at State Street Corporation, I would say that the work I did was used to mainly facilitate a routine process that my team followed from day to day. I would be responsible for making sure that the information I had was accurate to my knowledge, b...
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Did State Street Corporation value the internship program, as in how much was it emphasized when you were there?

The company culture is very focused on developing the intern pipeline to eventually become future leaders of the company. There were networking events every week when I was an intern. It was always something to look forward to as I got to meet and interact with other interns. I have made a couple...
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What is required to excel as a risk management intern at State Street Corporation?

For the AIS risk management position you have to be able to go through a lot of investment and legal documentation such prospectuses and partnership agreements. You also have to have an understanding of the different investment vehicles out there. Also, be familiar with the investment terminologi...
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