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Make an impact while being a part of the #1 auto and home insurer in the United States. State Farm, a Fortune 50 company, is consistently recognized as a top employer in the U.S.

Real World. Real Work. Our College Internship program offers real-world, hands-on experience in the business of insurance and financial services. We have just the right balance of training, mentoring and development you need to succeed.


Technology - Intern

May 2021 - August 2022 Phoenix, AZ
“My favorite part about State Farm is the people you work with and work under. Everybody I have met over the last year has just been great, and really willing to help when they can. My managers on the teams I have been on have been especially awesome, because they are striving to give me strong deliverables I can put on my resume in the time I have with them, as well as listening to my feedback and focusing on the things I want to learn.”

Internal Audit Intern

May 2021 Richardson, TX
“To start with the obvious, the knowledge and experiences you gain from being an intern, especially in a well established company like State Farm, are incredibly valuable as they help with the preparation of entering the job force. Internal Audit was a field I had absolutely no experience in upon starting this position. But through active participation in the various stages of conducting an audit, I have gained a firm understanding of the processes involved from start to finish. The best part about this field in particular is that it offers you a chance to explore and work with the many different areas within the company, offering you exposure of what opportunities are available and what you can pursue post internship. My team, as well as HR, promoted socializing with other teams and other departments in order to provide interns with a wholistic view of the company. Whenever possible and appropriate, they hire full time employees directly from the internship program. They strive to provide you with the best experience possible because they value employee retention. This is a great transition into my favorite part about State Farm: the people. The environment created by the people is one filled with support, encouragement, and patience. They are very understanding of your skill level and will work with you as you navigate through your various tasks. Efforts are both noticed and appreciated. Though they were not required to, several individuals went out of their way to give us (the interns) a tour of the State Farm buildings in Cityline and took us to lunch on several occasions to help us feel more involved within, not only the company, but the team as well. To put it simply, the people at State Farm care about you as an employee, and most importantly, as a person.”
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