State Farm - 10153

Marketing Assistant/Office Assistant

June - August 2018 • Hutchinson, MN

What I liked

I loved the energy in the office and the enthusiasm my boss has for insurance. I got my own office, I worked with great people, and I learned a lot about a field I had zero experience in.

What I wish was different

I wish my role would have allowed me more face-to-face interactions with people versus sitting behind a screen all day long. I realized I work best when I am up and about rather than sitting - my personality is too outgoing to not have much human interaction all day.


Be open to doing things that make you uncomfortable. At first, I was terrified to call down to State Farm corporate because I had minimal knowledge of the terminology or processes I was calling on. Learn to sound confident even if you are not, and eventually, it will become second nature. Also, learn to communicate effectively with your boss and coworkers and embrace your individual work style. ASK QUESTIONS!!! It's better to be sure and understand than to guess and make a mistake - mistakes are more costly in the real world!
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