State Attorney's Office, 17th Circuit

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The State Attorney is charged with being the chief prosecuting officer of all criminal trial courts in his respective circuit and shall perform all other duties prescribed by general law.
The State Attorney, with the aid of appointed assistants and staff, appears in the Circuit and County Courts within the judicial circuit and prosecutes or defends on behalf of the State of Florida all suits, applications, and civil or criminal motions in which the State of Florida is a party. The State Attorney is required to provide personnel and procedures for the orderly, efficient and effective investigation, intake and processing of all felony, misdemeanor, criminal traffic, juvenile and specially enumerated civil cases. These cases may be referred by law enforcement, by other state, county and municipal agencies as well as the general public. The State Attorney is required to represent the State of Florida in the prosecution of all criminal cases arising out of their respective circuits (F.S. 27.02).


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October 2018 Fort Lauderdale, FL
“The staff is amazing and makes working there even better. Everyone is willing to help and ensure that you understand the task at hand. It's a great learning experience no matter your career path.”
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