Stanislaus County Workforce Development

About Stanislaus County Workforce Development

Stanislaus County's Workforce Development offers a myriad of resources to assist the job seeker in his or her search for gainful employment. If you are looking for work, changing careers, or exploring new career options, Workforce Development is your single point of access to a network of employment, training, and educational programs available in Stanislaus County.

We are responsible for providing Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act services to the residents of Stanislaus County. Examples of these services are:
job search assistance
resume development
career counseling
job search assistance
occupational skills training
job placement assistance

Workforce Development also assists businesses in finding qualified employees at no cost to the business. Our goal is to increase employment, employment retention, and wages of Stanislaus County residents as well as helping local businesses improve their productivity and competitiveness. Workforce Development has four Career Resource Centers in the county which provide job search, resume writing and job counseling services free of charge to the general public.


Temporary Worker

June 2020 - August 2020 Modesto, CA
“I liked being a temp worker and working for others.”
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