Stanford School of Medicine - Department of Medicine - Division of Primary Care and Population Health

Research Assistant

January 2020 • Stanford, CA

What I liked

I have gained so much experience in research processes, including submitting grant proposals, submitting abstracts to conferences, data collection, data analysis, literature reviews, needs assessments. I have had the opportunity to present our work at several conferences, sit on a panel at a research conference, develop my own ideas for projects, and learn from incredibly intelligent and skilled team members. I appreciate my team's focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, as this has been made a focal point in every meeting and team discussion. Even though I was in an intern position, my team was incredibly open and flexible in giving me opportunities to take the lead on certain aspects of projects and tasks. Overall, my experience with this team has been incredibly beneficial thus far, and I look forward to how I can continue to grow and improve with this team.

What I wish was different


My biggest piece of advice is being confident in your abilities and knowledge; be willing and comfortable to share your ideas and bring up considerations the team may not have thought of. Also, take the opportunity to work on as many tasks and projects as you can, in order to grow your skills in as many areas as possible!
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